After catching our breath from jumping up and down joyously, we are pleased to announce that we are recognized on!  Trust us, we have the badge to prove it.  To quote, it is for the “pros whose advice and knowledgeable posts are most appreciated by the Houzz community.”   Houzz is a great social media platform that brings interior designers, businesses, artists and people who just LOVE interior design to the table.  Whether you are looking for ideas for your new home, thinking of re-doing a room in the house or just absolutely adore looking at the latest and greatest in home/office décor, Houzz has it all under one roof (get it, haha).  The ideabooks are a great way to check out impressions from home owners, interior design professionals and home improvement enthusiasts everywhere.  Or if you are working on your own project, you can create a section in Projects for your own masterpiece.  Simply title it and start posting each phase of the project from start to finish.  You can also interact with other Houzz users by liking projects, asking questions or simply comment on either the ideabooks or projects.  Think of it like Facebook and Pinterest had a cute little bundle of joy.  You definitely get the best of both worlds, only exclusively specialized in furniture design and interior decorating. 

We must say, we are pretty darn proud of ourselves and are so excited to continue to add to our own page on the website.  Check out what ideas we have for our own premium furniture and modern décor.  We constantly posting our featured Deals of the Week, lifestyle ideas you can do with your own EZ Mod furniture and much more!  Thank you very much for the badge and recognition, Houzz.  We will be posting our badge to our site very soon, so please stay tuned.