Time is something we never seem to have enough of, bustling lives filled with busy schedules.  To manage these hectic schedules a clock sure does come in handy. Let’s go old school with 3 classic wall clocks that serve a dual role as time-keeper and an interesting piece of wall art.  Let me introduce you to three stylish yet functional classic wall clocks we proudly sell here at Ezmod Furniture.

A wall clock that runs on batteries is essential when the power goes out and can also be helpful when teaching our kids how to tell time. Besides the practical reasons, a unique clock can give your plain old boring wall a little pizzazz. These three designer reproduction clocks not only tell time they do it with classic style.

The Nelson Ball Clock is a 13” diameter reproduction of George Nelson’s "Clock 4755 (Ball)" created in 1947 for Howard Miller. This iconic clock has over 150 designs and although it was first introduced as an electrical wall clock with a cord & plug our version is battery operated. This is clock is a modern classic design and comes with metal base with wooden multi-colored balls that represent the hours on the clock. The Nelson Ball Clock works well in any room and can give a playful touch to an otherwise serious space.

Another popular George Nelson clock design from the same period is The Star Clock. This clock was originally called the “Clock #2202 Sunburst” and is also a multi colored clock but it is made of painted metal. It has a 19” diameter with each point of the star representing an hour of the day. This clock is a sculptural work of art that surely adds visual interest to a bare wall space.

Lastly, The Spoke Clock is 11” diameter Nelson "Block Clock" replica that utilizes form over function. Each spoke represents an hour of the day and it comes in three color choices; red, blue and natural. Striking in its simplicity, The Spoke Clock works in any room and continues to be a timeless classic clock design today. All of these iconic clocks are available at Ezmod Furniture and usually ships within 3 days of purchase. So hurry before time runs out and get one today, pun intended. Thanks for keeping it EZ ! Truly,Kristin