Whether we like it or not the television plays a big role in our day to day life. More so if you have kids or a sports enthusiast in the family. The TV has helped me get through many inclement weather days or sick days stuck at home with bored kids. During any sports season “the big game” is always a television’s shining moment and a good place to watch it is always a must at my house. Whether you watch it every day or just every so often finding the right place to house your television can be tricky. Here are four easy steps to find the perfect console for your television.

  1. Size does matter – First off you need measure your TV, the overall dimensions are important not just the screen size when you are purchasing a new console. You also need to find out the TV’s weight and that can usually be found in your TV’s operating manual. It is important to know the overall dimensions because you want to make sure your television console is big enough to visually balance the size of the TV with the stand. The console length should come out a few inches beyond the edges of the TV on each side to create this balanced look. A giant TV on top of a too small console creates a look of an unstable unit that could easily topple over. If you have a newer flat screen TV the weight should not be an issue as they are now very lightweight. Some of the older TV styles are heavier and in that case make sure you buy a console that can adequately support it.
  2. Stash your stuff – Consider what hook ups are going to be attached to the TV. Do you have a dvd player, video games, cable box that needs storage? What about a dvd collection or video game and remote controllers? These items all need a place to go and it’s up to you to decide if you want them hidden behind solid cabinet doors, visible on open shelving or behind glass doors? Media consoles should also have holes through the back of the unit for discreet wire management.
  3. Room with a view – The room where you will be putting your console is a major factor in determining what you will purchase. Measure the length and width of the room first and then decide the best location for optimal TV viewing. Try not to put the TV near a sunny widow that can cause a glare on the screen. Plan your seating arrangement first and then measure the space allocated for the console. It’s a good idea to use a tape measure and measure your eye level from where you will typically sit and watch TV. The TV screen should be at eye level or a little lower than this viewpoint to watch comfortably. This will determine the appropriate height of your new console.
  4. Style watch – TV consoles come in all shapes and sizes and usually in wood, metal or glass. While we all have our own personal preferences, consider what works best with the style of your space and your needs. A more traditional look is typically wood like the Havana Modern TV Stand from Ezmod Furniture. For a more contemporary feel, the sleek modern look of Ezmod’s Xert Entertainment Stand gives a minimalistic design but offer plenty of open storage space. A bright painted finish can bring in a colorful element to a room that needs a focal point or eye catching accent. Look here for many other examples of media consoles that can work for you. It’s EZ to have the best in form and function when following these simple steps. Truly, Kristin