As the school year is quickly coming to an end I have started to realize that soon my three kids Marissa (13), Matthew (11) and Maddox (3) will be free to roam aimlessly about the house all summer while I am at work. Sure, my husband who is a work at home dad will be there and he is amazing, don’t get me wrong. But it has got me thinking about ways to fill their days with activities, fun and inspiration. A great way to start is to do a little room redecorating to inspire them to use their own spaces to entertain themselves.

The best way to do this is by including them in the planning of the space. A family meeting is a great way to map out and organize their ideas. Start with a color, what is their favorite? My youngest son Maddox has a new favorite color every week so the best way plan his space is going with neutral base color and adding his favorite color du jour in accents like pillows, rugs and linens. My oldest, Marissa has always loved specific colors so for her I can invest in painting a few walls with her favorites. My middle son Matthew is not very interested in the color of his room but more interested in displaying all his collections. A trip to the local paint store is a good way to get inspired and have your kids really feel involved in the project. Once your colors are selected then you can delve into the fun stuff like organization! I find that as soon as my kiddos have a clean, organized space they tend to hang out longer in that space and entertain themselves. Until it becomes messy and disorganized in which they will then migrate like termites looking for some new wood to the next clean organized space (like the living room or kitchen) and mess that space and repeat. So I am forever hoping to create the perfect organizational system to make it fun and easy to keep their space clean. To do this you first need to purge their space. “When in doubt throw it out” is a great mantra to follow as well as “less is more” when undertaking this daunting task. Lots of great organizations will take your unwanted toys for a great cause. Donation Town is a website that helps match your area with local charities that will pick up right from your doorstep. So EZ! Another great way to have kids feel involved is to explain to them that their unwanted toys are going to help kids who are less fortunate than them and have them help pick which charity to donate to.  Next step once you have de-cluttered is putting everything in its place. You can find some great organization ideas on EZmod’s Pinterest board “Kids Ideas” If you are due to upgrade any of your kid’s furniture we have an extensive collection of fun and functional favorites also listed on the Pinterest board as well as our EZmod website. A new bedroom set like the Nebo Set is a classic design that will work with your kids from toddler through college. Also the Brandon Set has lots of storage areas and built in seating to save space. Keep in mind that you want to make design decisions for the long run and invest in quality furniture that will last. Simple accents like side chairs and desks you can change often, as your kids needs change.  A fresh new look can be just what we all need to kick off summer right! What are you doing to kick off your summer of fun? If you use any of our Ezmod products in your design please send us a photo and we will send you a $10 coupon towards your next purchase. Thanks for keeping it EZ! Truly, Kristin M