upside down christmas tree #UpsideDownTree                       

Courtesy of Knocked Upside Down Christmas Tree                                              Courtesy of Candy Cane Christmas Tree

If you are anything like us here at EZmod, you have your tree all set up, decorated beautifully and shining bright with the many lights hanging all around it.  And then the reality settles in for some of us (including this blogger) that we have not even began to look.  Well, have no fear!  We got you covered with the hippest, coolest faux trees around.  Looking for a very modern Christmas tree?  We have compiled the best of the best for your tree to uniquely stand out from a field of green. 


                  Courtesy of Pretty in Pink Tree                                        Courtesy of Black Gold Ombre Tree

If you are looking for something beyond the traditional Douglas fir, check out!  They have every type of tree you can think of; including ombre’ patterns in both gold and silver, pastels, and every other color you can think of.  And yes, you can even get a rainbow Christmas tree!  Are you the daring, edgy type?  Why not try an upside down tree to stand out this Christmas.

                                              A Full-Size Superstar Holiday Tree

                                                                Courtesy of Superstar Plywood Holiday Tree

Maybe you would prefer something totally non-traditional?  Modernica’s own Superstar Plywood Holiday Tree is exactly what you need!  The stunning cut-outs of tiny stars that make up the tree will leave you in awe.  The light-weight birch plywood can also be flat-packed and used for next year.

                                                                 Image result for the original cardboard christmas tree

                                                                                       Courtesy of

Deemed as the “original cardboard tree,” this unique faux tree is also made up of recycled cardboard.  You can feel patriotic about this tree too, because it is all recycled from cardboard in the U.S.  It even comes with over 50 ornaments to choose from! 


                                                                                                  Courtesy of

Is translucent more your style?  Then the TyTree is perfect for you.  The trunk is made up of thick, acrylic rods that interlock creating a sturdy base for the translucent disks that make up this chic, modern tree.  Place colorful ornaments on each disk to get a floating feel and a brightness that reflects off the light of the room.