April is my favorite month, its right when spring is getting into full effect, the gardens all throughout town are looking luscious and as lovely

as ever, the air is fresh from all the blooming flowers giving off that pure oxygen.

This gives us as shoppers the best time of the year to utilize our creativity and brain power to construct unique and appealing designs

within our own homes.  EZMOD is releasing some new products this month to help you guys get a head start on stayin in Mod this spring. 

The Starfish Barstool, Plywood Lounge Chair, “W” Chair, Clear Acrylic Chair, and the Elio Chair will all be featured for 30 days on the

“New Arrivals” section, the tab can be found on the homepage.

All of these products, save for the clear acrylic chair, are offered in multiples of color options making it easy to keep your home colorful and

vibrant.  The Starfish Barstool will be available in five different color options.