One very important part of decorating a home or office that is often overlooked is lighting.  You can go out of your way to find amazing couches, television consoles, coffee tables, wall art, desks or chairs, but if your room is not properly lit, it will still look unfinished.  Even bright, colorful and lively furniture has a difficult task in overcoming cave-like dim lighting when you have guests over for dinner.  Aside from providing enough light for you to read comfortably on the couch, work at your desk, or eat your dinner at the table, lighting can also function as an important design element.  Modern classic lighting comes in many forms from recessed lighting in ceilings to table lamps to floor lamps.  If you have decorated your home or office in the sleek lines of modern furniture design, and are still looking for a lamp to create just the right finishing touch to your room, then the Arco Lamp is just the thing for you.

Designed in 1962 by Italian modern furniture designers Pier Giacomo and Achille Castiglione, the Arco Lamp became an instant modern furniture classic.  This pair of brothers, together with their eldest brother, Livio, all studied architecture at Milan Polytechnic and initially opened a design company together.  Though Livio left the firm in 1952, Pier Giacomo and Achille went on to design several modern classic furniture pieces that are still widely sold today.  The Arco Lamp is a unique combination of the ideas of a floor lamp and hanging lamp.  While the base of the lamp does, indeed, rest directly on the floor, a long, tall steel tube arches overhead with a lamp shade at the end to provide overhead light, giving the effect of hanging from the ceiling.  This playful mixing of style and function is prominent throughout modern classic furniture design as designers sought to break with traditional designs. 

EZ Mod Furniture is a leading retailer of modern classic furniture designs and is proud to offer the Arco Lamp so skillfully designed by the Castiglione brothers.  While there are several versions of the Arco Lamp, EZ Mod carries a version with a sturdy white or black cubed marble base to counter-balance the rest of the lamp and keep it steadily on the floor.  The steel shade and arch are sure to match any color combination in your home or office.  This modern classic furniture item also helps visually fill your room by attracting the eye to the arch and adding design elements where there would not ordinarily be.  Visit EZ Mod Furniture’s website today for all your modern classic furniture needs.