The question has been asked for decades-Is it a table or a bench? Originally designed by George Nelson, the platform bench is a low bench in design (about 14 inches high) and can be used for well,…a lot.  The EZmod Furniture Nelson Style Bench is beautifully inspired by this design and can be just as versatile.  Today, we focus on the many aspects of our Nelson Style 5 Ft. Bench and how our customers get their ideas on! 



Many people say it is all in the name-they use their EZ Nelson Style Bench for just that.  The uniqueness of this is where they place the bench.  The Nelson Style Bench can be placed both indoors and outdoors.  This bench can be placed almost anywhere in your home, office or patio.  It looks lovely in a garden around beautiful flowers.  Mother Nature definitely enhances this piece.  And with the wood elements of this bench, it is harmonious. 



                      Customer Mark H. from New York, New York                                                             From Customer Kathryn Tyler


Another aspect of this bench is that it can also be a coffee table!  Place the lovely natural colored bench in your living room.  Stack a few magazines and place the remote on the bench for EZ access.  With the right touches, it can be your next dream table. 

                                            EzMod Furniture Nelson Style Bench

Many ideas we have been collecting from our customers is placing the 5 foot bench in their bedrooms.  A lovely walnut color would blend in with almost any interior and is also a helpful spot to put your shoes on and head out for the day.  What do you do with your Nelson Style 5 Foot Bench?  Let us know in the comments below or e-mail us to send us your great ideas!  Do you have pictures? Please send them along, we would love to feature your interior design ideas.  They can even make it on our social media accounts.  Send yours in today!