Brightening up a room after the cold, dim winter days can seem like a challenge.  But lighten up (figuratively), because once you follow these simple steps on how to make your dreary space light and bright, you will be dancing in the sunshine in no time! 


      1. Clutter-Free is the Way to Be!

First thing is first, let’s get organized.  Clutter is a sneaky nuisance that tends to sneak up on us just about everywhere.  Dominate the clutter bug by throwing away any old papers, recycling or giving away old clothes you do not wear anymore, ridding your space of towels that have seen better days, etc.  Also, try to put clothing in drawers and closets only.  The more open space you have, the better.


      2. Brighten Up the Walls

The right pops of bright color on a neutral background can dramatically change any room.  Going for jewel toned, or primary colored décor such as wall art or picture frames for example, can add light and balance to the room.  Plus, you will not have to change the entire paint color. 


      3. Seeing Double-The Mirror Effect

Add the illusion of space and light into your room by adding mirrors.  They trick the eyes, giving the illusion of a wide, open space.  It takes only a small amount of light for them to have a big effect.  You can have fun with them by adding small, symmetrically shaped mirrors around the room, or maybe a tall floor-to-ceiling mirror best suits your personality.  Whatever your style may be, mirrors are an easy and very effective way to brighten up any space.


      4. A Touch of Green Makes All the Difference

A touch of Mother Nature surely makes a room more lively and bright.  Try water resistant plants, such as Spider Plants, Ferns, small Succulents or Cacti.  They are amongst the easiest plants to care for, they can go for days without being watered and thrive with very little sunlight.  If you have dark corners in your space, add a pop of color with lilies; also very easy to care for.  After all, spring is just around the corner!