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Searching through our closets for the gloves, beanies and scarves that have been tucked away since last season has become a necessity now that the chilly winds have picked up and…is that snow we see?  Comfy sweaters and cozy knits can only mean one thing; the holiday have arrived!  And what better way to prepare for our yearly family and friend gatherings than to decorate (or redecorate) to bring in a festive feel into your home.  We have compiled some great ideas to make your home warm, welcoming and festive for all!

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Have you always been fascinated with the rustic country side?  Well, the ever-so-inspiring farmhouse feel is never a miss.  Mixing reclaimed wood along with pieces that are sleek is a great idea to bring in that rustic meets urban into your home.  A reclaimed table for example, with a runner right down the middle would complement the silhouettes of a sleek woven chair (check out our W Chair) or a simply beautiful Solid Wood Chair.  Throw in some mason jars for drinkware, wooden serving utensils for the stuffing or even a glass pitcher to serve apple cider in.  Let your imagination soar, the more detailed this theme is, the better!

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Perhaps you are more of that modern meets midcentury kind of party host.  Well, amber hues, chestnut inspired shades and gold accents is a great place to start.  Of course, the molded Eiffel Tower Side Chairs and Arm Chairs with wood legs are your go-to for this look.  Mixing those simple lines with wood will not only give you that modern feel you strive, it will create a chic, yet jubilant autumn feel for your dinner gathering.  Atop the Twin Tower Dining Table, add some gold leafed dinnerware on each table setting, a few brown or amber colored glasses and you got yourself the essentials you need for a feast your friends will be talking about until next year!   

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