Ravaged by the recent recession, both the housing industry and the furniture industry have been radically changed.  Furniture industry executives and investors who pay special attention to the furniture have seen remarkable changes.  In 2007, the domestic furniture and mattress industry had sales worth $91 billion.  In 2008, that number dropped 10 percent due to the crushing recession that hit every industry.  In 2009, the dropoff continued with another 15 percent drop.  People are holding onto their furniture longer, shopping for deals or looking for great deals on modern classic furniture.

One third of the 100 biggest furniture retailers over the last 10 years have closed, including large names such as Huffman Koos, Good’s, Seaman’s, Levitz and Wickes.  Such radical overhaul has created a vacuum which new furniture retailers have stepped into, such as Ezmod Furniture which offers unique modern classic furniture at an amazing price.

To be honest though, the reason Ezmod Furniture is thriving in the modern classic furniture industry, and the reason so many other retailers are falling apart, has much to do with conditions before the recession started.  People are less interested in buying furniture from department stores that are bulky, expensive, un-original and marked up.  People in urban centers have smaller apartments and cannot purchase the large furniture sold by many department stories. Ezmod offers furniture that fits smaller locations much better.

People also moved towards shops like IKEA, which offer cheaply made products that inexpensive.  Ezmod offers high quality modern classic furniture that is inexpensive, a combination many people are searching for.

Baby Boomers are moving towards “disposable” furniture since they are headed into retirement, and their children want quality furniture that an inexpensive price.  The days of our grandparents heading to the department store for a couch are pretty much at an end.

Large retailers are also starting to catch on, such as Target, Walmart and Costco, although they are still not offering the kind of quality that will given consumers long lasting modern classic furniture.  Unfortunately, people’s wallets are turning them towards cheaply made products instead of quality furniture that is inexpensive. 

At Ezmod Furniture, our modern classic furniture comes in a variety of colors, designs, fabrics and materials, giving you an endless supply of home furnishings.  Whether you are a college graduate putting together your first apartment or a new homeowner filling your first house, Ezmod has exactly what you need at a price you can afford.