What would we do without the coffee table? This indispensable piece of furniture works very hard for its owners. Coffee tables are the backbone of social central in your home, sometimes called a cocktail table it can be both useful and stylish. These days coffee tables come in many shapes and sizes and often times serve dual purposes. Let’s explore the many options available when choosing the best coffee table for your own space.

Wikipedia states, “The idiom "Gather round the coffee table" is derived from the furniture piece and its proclivity for encouraging conviviality and light conversation. Coffee tables were thought to initially be constructed in Renaissance England.” It is believed that the idea of a coffee table came from early tea tables in England and possibly from Japanese influences.The coffee table may have been introduced from the Japanese Ottoman Empire, based on the low tables in use in tea gardens. My family uses a combo coffee table/ottoman/storage trunk for our limited space needs in front of our sofa. The storage component is perfect for keeping my son’s toys at bay while the comfy padding on the top makes for a relaxing place to put up feet and kick back. The top is flat enough for a tray to eat on or put down a beverage and has been used extensively as a train depot, racetrack and Lego workshop for my son’s playtime entertainment. If you are looking for a coffee table to work for your space, consider your needs first. How often will you use it? What size and shape works best with your furniture layout and sofa? Do you need extra storage? If so, consider a table that has drawers or compartments to keep things like magazines, remote controls, toys or blankets. Ezmod Furniture’s Magazine Rack Coffee Table features a sleek, clear acrylic table with a modern curved design that offers handy storage for magazines, this table can also double as a bench for added versatility. If it’s an eye-catching, conversation piece you are looking for, check out the Cubellis Square Coffee Table. This stainless steel, linear design makes a big statement with its modern look and large scale. The Cubellis table works well inside your home or on a covered patio or sunporch. A super storage space saver in the realm of coffee tables is the Prescott Table & Storage Stools. This table features four padded stools that fit snuggly inside the table when not in use, this adds extra seating without taking up any extra space. The stools are on wheels and the seat tops open for even more storage! The table also offers an open storage compartment under the table. If you want a table that offers an artistic look try the Tribeca Table. This is a classic designer piece that combines an oval glass top with a sculptural wood base. The top sits on the base with a gravity defying look. These tables are just a small example of what’s available at Ezmod Furniture’s Coffee/End Table section on its website. These tables can be a focal point in your space and offer years of enjoyment and utility. Whichever table you choose remember to keep it EZ! Truly, Kristin