Color is your friend. It is integral to any setting as an accent or an entire theme. Don't be afraid to use vivid or primary colors too as they can really bring an interior to life! A lot of people tend to stay neutral as it is safe and familiar which is fine to a degree, but an accent pillow or candle, vase, plate, etc. will really add a personal touch. And I do mean personal , let go with your favorite colors that bring you joy and warmth - a cool blue, vibrant orange, deep red. Imagine being on the "Dating Game" and your mate is asked what your favorite color is. As long as they pay attention - there you go. Use that color or any other that peaks your interest. This is one of the best ways to personalize your space and make it your comfort zone.

Go ahead and use color amply and spread it around because it is actually good for you! There is a whole science behind this called chromatherapy or color therapy which has been found to ease depression. Now we are not encouraging use of color as a medical prescription but it does add merit to the idea of colors being relaxing, fun, and enjoying. Color therapy is frequently used as a spa treatment with the idea that different colored lights emulate energy sources of the body or chakras creating a positive psychological effect. People may not have knowledge of the Indian chakras, but they do know what makes them relax and feel good.

Go ahead and surround yourself with colors that calm, soothe, and bring joy. If you see any children's play area it if full of bold colors and it is not for them to learn colors - it is to make them happy and they love it!