Be it to create a sense of space or set a mood, when you decide to change the color of your rooms, be sure you know why. Also be assured you have help at hand, Changing the color of your room can dramatically alter its look. Pep it up to vibrant with hues of orange and green or sober down with pastel shades.

Color Selection:

Home Decor Color : Color Selection

Decide the colors you want to use. Achromatic schemes or natural hues of diad shades. If you want an illusion of space go for whites and pastel shades. Use colors like light yellow and hues of white for walls and ceilings. You can also use wallpaper in soft colors and small print. Accessorize the room with reflective showpieces and lamps to maximize the color and space coordination.

Create a mood:

Home Decor Color : Kent Luxury Bedding Set

If you want a particular mood for your room then color changes help the best. Paint your office yellow or red for cheer and energy. Go for sage green and sky blue for bedrooms to chill the ambience. These colors help when there is ample sunlight to balance the effect. For rooms with limited lighting use warm colors like coral and apple green. Any formal settings like dining rooms or living rooms can be sophisticated with colors like sapphire blue and brick red.

Color Chart:

Home Decor Color : Color Chart

Certain colors are best suited with white so the room doesn't look overwhelming. Use online color charts to get help here. Complementary colors for accessories can also be matched here.

Paint Quality:

Home Decor Color : Paint Quality

Pay close attention to the quality of paint and look for additives like sheen and gloss if need be. Primarily choosing between water based and oil based paints you can later balance your act by applying a top quality acrylic latex paint. Select 100% acrylic latex (water-based) paints for exterior use and oil-based paints for interior purposes. Sheen refers to the amount of light reflected by paint. Use flat gloss for interior walls and high gloss for wood works and areas where you want light to reflect off the walls. For rooms in contact with water like kitchens and bathrooms use low-luster sheen, as this is washable paint.

Home Decor Color - Lighting:

Pistillo Lamp

Pistillino Lamp Chrome is an icon of Contemporary Design. Inspired by the Valenti lamp designed in Italy 1969 by Studio Tetrarch. Pistillino lamp Chrome is made of Chromium plated PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) Plastic with mirror finish.