Simulating a floating constellation, Corona seems to be almost trans-parent and effortlessly blends in with any room.

Volther designed numerous pieces of furniture during his long career. After graduation in Applied Art School in Copenhagen in the late 1940s, he established an architectural and design firm, which he taught and ran right up to 1985. Volther had what several other Danish designers had- a background as a cabinet maker. His skills as a craftsman long with a sense of form and design have been a very successful combination.

Volthers designs marked the beginning of strong functionalism. He was inspired by older furniture design, but took note of simplicity and functionality in its design. Volther added emphasis on high quality materials and worked extensively with teak. Many of Volthers sofas and chairs made up of straight but angled lines which gives a simple but well thought out and well-made impression. At EzMod Furniture we offer this gorgeous replica with wonderful quality at no shipping costs to you; the Corona Pedal Chair for only 859.00.

This chair is available in black and red.

Has an ergonomic design

High Quality Materials including Velour micro fiber and chrome plated solid steel frame with swivel base.