While furniture for the home or office must be comfortable and practical, it can also be whimsical and playful.  Chairs do not always have to have the same visual vocabulary, and nobody demonstrates that better than French modern classic furniture designer Pierre Paulin.  Paulin’s “Orange Slice” chair is playful, light, astonishingly simple and even graceful in design –a stark contrast to most accent chairs that come across as heavy and boxy.  Set on a sturdy yet slender polished stainless steel tube frame, the Orange Slice chair is composed of two identically curved, elliptically-shaped halves, one forming the seat and one forming the back rest.  Each half is composed of high density foam and upholstered in any number of colors.  When viewed from the side, the Orange Slice chair almost looks like a tulip opening up from the center with the cushions as its petals and the steel tube frame standing in for a stem.  Each cushion is shaped in a way that resembles an orange slice, giving the chair its rather unusual name. 

Paulin has a strong background in sculpture, having studied stone carving and clay modeling in Paris before turning to furniture design in 1958.  Paulin’s sculptural vocabulary is fully evident in the Orange Slice chair, which turns out to be more of a sculpture that is suitable for sitting in than a simple, functional chair.  Paulin’s influence on modern classic furniture design continued to grow and develop with the designs of several different chairs and sofas during the second half of the 20th century and into the 21st, including such innovations as the “Tongue” chair, a low-lying, gently curving lounge chair designed in 1966 and the “Pumpkin” sofa, a solid, three-seat sofa made of one continuous block of fabric and padding, shaped somewhat like a pumpkin, designed in 2007. 

EZ Mod Furniture is proud to feature reproductions of Paulin’s modern classic furniture designs, especially the Orange Slice chair.  The simplicity and playfulness of the Orange Slice chair is sure to bring a splash of fun to any home or office.  EZ Mod feature’s this unique chair in either red, yellow or green fabric, as well as off-white or gray microfiber to suit any color scheme.  And where other modern classic furniture stores sell Paulin’s iconic chair for nearly $600, EZ Mod features the orange slice chair at just $299.  If you’re looking for something interesting to liven up your home or office furniture, come to EZ Mod today.