What a studio apartment lacks in space, it can make up for in style and function. Giving your studio a modern look is a great way to make the most of your living space. Sleek, black-and-silver furniture and accessories complement flat-screen televisions and other modern electronics. Decorating your studio with a modern flair doesn't have to be costly, as you can mix high-end pieces with inexpensive items to create a contemporary look







Things You'll Need:

  • Sleek furniture
  • Electronics
  • Black and silver accessories
  1. 1

Add a minimalistic style to your studio by buying furniture with clean lines and angles. Use a round, pod-style chair at your computer desk, and maximize your space by placing tall, sleek bar stools at your breakfast bar; you can use this in place of a traditional dining room table and chair set. Choose a square coffee table with a glass top for a fresh look.

  1. 2

Buy furniture pieces and accessories with metallic finishes and touches. Silver, nickel, chrome and stainless steel provide a home with a cool, modern look. Choose stainless-steel kitchen appliances, and replace outdated sink faucets and fixtures with chrome versions that feature high arcs and sleek lines. To make the modern style cohesive throughout your studio, decorate with silver picture frames and vases.

  1. 3

For a clean style, think geometric. For your bed, choose a crisp white comforter featuring square or triangular designs. Choose square, rather than round, garbage cans in sleek silver, chrome or black shades.

  1. 4

Instantly modernize your wood furniture by painting the pieces black. Browse flea markets and second-hand shops for sleek, angular pieces that can be enhanced by a slick coat of shiny black paint.

  1. 5

Add a fresh pop of color to your modern studio by using bright accents. To keep a contemporary style from looking too dreary, it is important to mix a few bright pieces with the silver and black ones. A good rule of thumb is to pick one accent color for each room and have three items that show off that color. For example, in a living room you could feature a contemporary work of art that has a lot of red in it, place a vase of red flowers such as tulips on an end table, and put a red throw pillow on your black futon or sofa. Any primary color goes well with sleek, modern decor.