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We have all been through it; you purchase a new sofa and it gets dirty within the week. Or you finally buy that accent chair you have been scraping your pennies for, only to find a stain on it after that family visit last weekend. Situations like this is like feeling a tiny crack forming in your heart. After all of that searching for the perfect piece, having to haul it over (or dealing with delivery services to haul it over) and placing it just in the right spot in your home only to have it get dirty! Well, have no fear! We have a few tricks up our sleeves that will help get rid of the stains, say goodbye to dirt and mend your broken heart.


First thing’s first. With any fabric upholstery sofa/chair (suede and leather require different care), bust out your vacuum. Any dirt, food crumbs or dust lingering needs to be sucked up. This way, you can clean the stains out of the fabric with ease. You do not want to make the dirt and stains worse when the cushions are wet. And trust us, they will get worse. Secondly, determine which type of fabric upholstery your sofa is made of. The list is as follows:


• A tag with the letter “W” or “WS” means that your sofa/chair is washable with a water-based soap.

• A tag with the letter “S” means that it needs to be dry cleaned or cleaned with a non-water based detergent.

• If your tag says “X,” it implies that the fabric should only be vacuumed or dry-cleaned by a professional.

• A tag with the letter “O” means that the cloth is organic and needs to be washed using cold water


For W or WS (sometimes as SW) upholstery, here is a great homemade recipe! Take your mixer and at medium speed, mix two cups of warm water and a just a squirt of dish soap. This will create a foam that you can use to get rid of most food and drink stains. IMPORTANT: in all cleaning activities, make sure you use a WHITE colored towel/cloth. Any other color may stain your fabric, wood or cotton molding inside your sofa. For removing berry stains, take 1 tablespoon of white vinegar and 2/3 cup of rubbing alcohol and mix together. Apply to white cloth and carefully BLOT (no rubbing or scrubbing) the stain out. When it is gone, get another clean, white cloth and cold water to sponge the solution out. Take one more white cloth and dry.


We hope you find these do-it-yourself home remedies useful. If you have any other suggestions for taking the stain out, removing the dirt or just making it last longer please do share with us! Feel free to comment below. See you next week!