How One’s Environment Affects Mood and Outlook Is your environment neat and tidy with everything in it’s place? Or is there a little clutter here, a little there. In my opinion, our minds need organization and neatness in order for us to function at full capacity. Just like our thoughts need to be purged and categorized into their proper place so do our things. If you are a collector of things or if you haven’t moved in a while you may have items you haven’t used in years and may never use. Why do we hang onto things? We think oh, I will save that because if xyz happens then I will have what I need. What do we do if xyz does not happen? We are left with items that we do not need. That is why people use storage facilities. But sometimes those storage facilities become a land of no return. And so we spend more and more money storing our stuff when we can use that money to better our environment. As a matter of opinion, organization is key to self-fulfillment. Whether the clutter is in our minds, or in our environment, or both, we humans need to minimize to be free and unencumbered so that we reach our potential. How do we let go of unnecessary things and free ourselves? Why not start to sort through your things and eliminate the excess? We can list our items on Craigslist or on Ebay and make extra money to reinvest in our environment. We can get more useful furniture to organize or redecorate. So much of our lives are spent indoors, we need to invest in ourselves and our environments like we invest in our own self image. Sometimes reassessment is a good thing. So how about thinking “reduce, reduce, reduce and beautify, beautify, beautify what you see day in and day out?” Till next time, Janette