Do you remember how great it is to find something you were not expecting?  Well I have found something that I would like everyone to know as a potential resource to expand their design possibilities.  It may already be well known to others, yet others may not know about this secret that I have found.  I stumbled on it when I went to look for UV film for the windows.  With the window advancements in insulation, many times window treatments are not needed as much to keep the weather conditions outside of your home.  So now it is time to start thinking of alternative window treatments.  A lot of the time we want the natural light to filter inside but we don’t want other people peering inside our homes either.  So what is the solution then besides blinds?

An alternative solution to standard window treatments is window film covers. The options for window film ranges from plain UV protection to faux stained glass.  They have so many clear patterns that can let light in and at the same time offer a great degree of privacy.  You would be hard pressed not to find a design or style that would work with your interior project.  I have listed a few resources just to give you a hint of the possibilities.!pla!!!18283950120!g!!23858147419&gclid=CNrr2PmhpbgCFSU6Qgod8W4AeA