Search engines are the best ways to find design ideas, especially with the images function. The key to design, inspiration, and creativity is to feed your brain with as many quality images and look outward for inspiration. Sometimes you will get an epiphany, but in my experience, the more one exposes themselves to other ideas, the easier it is to synthesize one’s own ideas. Not everyone is ingenious to think up things out of the blue, sometimes we just need a little kick start. Conceptualization comes when it comes. You could be taking a shower or walking the dog and all of a sudden the answer you have been trying to figure out comes to you. So when designing your own space, take time out before hand to browse other’s ideas and make notes her and there or save some pictures of your favorite ideas to go through later. Sooner or later you’re bound to come up with your own version of one or several different design ideas that you have seen or gave you an idea for something else. In my case, the answer is to start looking at space not being utilized the height of the room. So I can install cabinets that open up close to the ceiling, bring in a wall to wall unit that reaches to the ceiling, or think of something that involves my bed, since it is the biggest space hog in there. When I want ideas all I do is hit the internet for inspiration. Just type in your problem, click images and you have a plethora of design images and ideas to pull from. For my design problem I typed in “space saving bedrooms,” clicked images, and presto you are served your inspiration. For my personal dilemma, I like the idea of my bed to head toward the ceiling so that I can use the space more as a living space than a sleeping space so that I can bring in a small sofa and chair and have a small conversation area, my own personal studio so to speak. Thank you for reading my blog. For sales questions I can be reached at 866-630-6161. Ask for Janette.