Okay, you want to spruce up your living space. How are you supposed to know what colors to use without any experience? Sure, if your familiar with artistic expression and have been exposed to many different settings or have taken art classes then you have picked up some skills to help you. But what about the rest of us who want to have our home look spectacular and pleasing to not only our eyes, but our visitors as well? An Interior Designer once told me that one of the ways to pick colors for a room is to find a piece of art or fabric that has the colors that you want to use. Pick fabrics within that to use in your room. You don’t have to use all the colors represented. For a modern room you can choose to have white walls or use bold colors such as red, blue, yellow, or even orange mixed in with the white for accent. Space the use of these colors around the room, not just in one corner or one part of the room If you want really nice art on a small budget consider a poster replica of the piece. If you do a Google search for fine art poster replica’s you will find a host of sources. Simply find a glass frame to fit and you have a wonderful piece to design from. Type in modern art and you will see the colors used often in the design of modern interiors. The colors are bold, vibrant, and full of energy. Use the colors in the art to decorate your upholstery.