I have scoured the sources looking for design trends. What are the designer’s doing? In modern interior design I see a lot of animal prints, creams, beiges, black, white, and different tones of gray. This year it is all about varying textures of warmth vs. cool. Warmth is seen with textured fabric, neutral hues, and wood. On the other end of the spectrum is the cool side in modern design. Along with blacks, whites, there are shades of grey and darker shaded purples. The modern design color scheme of coarse goes with the personality of the design, the desired outcome and emotions the designer wants to evoke in the people using the room. If you want a lighthearted place of gathering one would use a white backdrop and include varying colors of green, blue, and turquoise. Bold colored bright happy colored glass is very popular right now. There has been a resurgence of tufted upholstered furniture. I am seeing tufted furniture in modern designs, making it more of an eclectic atmosphere. There are also softer trends such as lace being added once again to interiors. Hmmm, sounds a little like Victorian is resurging and competing for attentions. No one is coming out and saying it, but that is what it is. Florals are coming into the picture on a white background in fabrics. Another thing that will be popular is letters on walls. What??? Yes, can you believe that people are writing on walls as part of the décor? It is a way of communicating what you would like people to feel, the same way designers design around evoking an emotional response, some are just writing it. A message that inspires, encourages, or ignites an emotional response is great as long as it is done in a tasteful artistic way, why not? Re-purposing is a huge thing along with being green friendly. Designers have been repurposing furniture and other household items for years. Designer’s such as Nate Berkus way back on Oprah Winfrey’s show was repurposing items. It is seen more and more as the socially conscious wake up to global warming and waste being produced. Other examples of repurposing on TV are HGTV’s show with Lara Spencer on Friday nights called “Flee Market Flip” and storage wars Texas. Plants are coming in from the cold once again. This time around it is for a deeper purpose. Green’s are being used not only for an aesthetic purpose but to also purify the air. Green is a natural calming color.