With the movie “The Great Gatsby” coming out on May 10th you will be hearing and seeing a lot of reference made about Art Deco. The original book “The Great Gatsby,” was written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, and was published in 1925. The story takes place in the 20’s. Before you go out and see the spectacular set in the movie a brief synopsis of the style is in order. The Art Deco Style came about at a happy time after WWI. People were relieved and the economy strengthened. In 1925, the World’s Fair in Paris highlighted up and coming artists designs. Art Deco is characterized by smooth clean lines. The textiles used were shark or sting ray hide, zebra prints, ultra fine leather, vinyl, suede, and mohair. Furniture was made of glass, metal, chrome, and wood. The furniture was not only curvy, but, highly lacquered and often made of several inlays. The furniture was made of rosewood, teak, maple, walnut, zebrawood, ebony, marble, violet-wood, ambonia, and mahogany. Mirrors and glass were also used in the furniture. Sometimes the furniture would also have embellishments such as stones, quartz, onyx, jade, ivory, and murano glass. The patterns of the style were geometric shapes, zigzagged, graduated stepped, chevron patterns and shapes resembling the sun. Some motifs include leaves, branches, feathers, jagged pointed edges, and trapezoids. The colors of the time were neutrals, black, grey, silver, white and bolder colors such as maroon, blue, yellow, gold, red, pinks, and green. Here you can see examples of the style: http://www.houzz.com/art-deco