Clear and translucent furniture has a beauty and charm all of its own. Functional and beautiful, it is a great addition to any interior because it is both functional and beautiful. It looks invisible, yet isn’t and provides as much comfort just as any other piece. It lends an airy playful feeling to your environment. Clear acrylic furniture and accessories are unexpected and welcoming for that reason and are a pleasant surprise for visitors and friends. Another great reason is that the furniture can bring the function of seating or table, yet doesn’t fight with the surroundings and block the other colors or other pieces going on in the room. I particularly enjoy not only the clear furniture, but the ones that add a tint of color to them. Clear and translucent furniture can be found in tables, chairs, ornaments, railings, steps, beds, desks, lighting, etc. We carry a large assortment of colored translucent and clear pieces for your enjoyment. Here is a listing of a few: 2 Lexy Eiffel Base Ghost Chair Acrylic Nesting Coffee Table Clear, Magazine Rack Coffee Table Clear, and Magazine Rack End Table Stool Clear Clear Acrylic Ghost Arm Chair Bubble Chair 2 Acrylic Ghost Bar Stool 2 Lino Acrylic Dining Chairs (clear and translucent red) 2 Chole Acrylic Clear Chairs Dolly Clear Drum Stool 2 Chole Acrylic Clear Chairs Clear Acrylic Illusion Table Diamond Dining Chair Lamps Stellar Ceiling Lamp Pulsar Ceiling Lamp Cascade Ceiling Lamp Cascade Ceiling Lamp Falling Stars Table Lamp Please feel free to browse our site. We hope that your find what you are looking for.