So now that the economy is looking a bit better, the job market seems to be holding steady, and your working again, now what? Well time to try and make your life a little easier by possibly narrowing down your commute time. So where do you begin? It can seem daunting. I have some ideas for you. Craigslist can be risky considering it is a free site and knowledge that there have been scammers before. You have to search and be mindful of different tricks that people can use in order to lure you into their scam. Pennysaver USA is pretty easy and straight forward to use. Let’s say you want to live in a specific region, you can search on and do a comparison search by zip code or region for the type of housing you are looking for. The next step I would do is to search for regional apartment buildings in the area you are looking for and see if they have a website. Another idea would be to go with an agency like Westside Rentals, real estate agency, or do a search for property management companies in the area where you are interested in. There is usually a fee attached to these services but looking for a place that meets your needs can be a job in itself. This is easiest when you have a longer period of time to search for a place and no real urgency. I have found a website that lists his experience and advice on this topic. His website is: Another website that lists advice is: