Who knew that some cleaners can be harmful or detrimental to your beautiful Lucite or Acrylic furniture? Well it is common sense not to use bathroom cleanser on your acrylic pieces but not to use glass cleaner? According to many manufacturers of acrylic pieces ammonia, cleansers, window cleaner, and 409 all should be avoided. Products that should be avoided when cleaning this type of furniture is denatured alcohol, carbon tetrachloride, or acetone, these products will cause minute cracks. It is also recommended not to use a dry cloth or your hand to wipe the acrylic because it will rub dirt and dust into the acrylic. When cleaning it is recommended to first blow off any dirt or dust or use water and a soft cloth to float off the dirt. A mild solution of dish soap and water takes dirt off without harming the acrylic. Remember to rinse very well with a very soft cloth so you don’t leave any soap residue behind. Finally, dry off with a very soft cloth. If you want a professional cleaner than you can use Novus 1 or Brillianize is recommended with a soft cloth. Follow the instructions given on the bottle. Fine scratches can be removed with a mild abrasive polish such as Novus #2 or Novus #3. For Polycarbonate furniture use mild dish soap, water, and plenty of rinsing to get off the residue and hand dry with a soft cloth is sufficient.