Do you have indoor cats or dogs? Well if you do then you have some unique problems that only pet owners can understand. I have had indoor cats and have envisioned building them something special so that they can climb and exercise and still maintain a level of fitness that they would if they were outdoors too. My cats have stayed indoors more as they aged. A special ceiling design for cats was actually in the movie, The Princess Diaries, Directed by Gary Marshall that came out in 2001. I ran into this little story of an elderly couple who custom built walkways in their home at ceiling length. A fabulous idea if you have the time and talent to build something like that. Something like this can always be done by someone handy. Take a look at this: . There are a lot of great products on the market too. There are end tables that hide a cat litter box. You can buy two of these, one for food and one for the cat box. There is a neat rocking chair that your animal can fit into on the bottom with space for your furry friend to join you. I am not too sure if they will enjoy the rocking movement though, you can find it at If you are remodeling anyway, ask your designer, contractor, or architect to incorporate the animal into the design. An example of doing this would be to include your animals feeding area, sleeping area, and how your animal can use the rest room without too much fuss and away from your living space. One design company built a little nitch area within the kitchen’s island. That was clever, simple, and way better than bumping into the water or food container over and over again. You may ask them to build a private area for your animal in a custom cabinet. You can include a sleeping area, open lounging area, and an eating area within the same space. Also for convenience include a pet door so they can use the restroom outside. You can build a shelf at the window inside and outside and include a window door so they can come in and out as they please. You can train them to use the litter box that will be outside instead of inside. So while we are remodeling, let’s not forget to design with your pets in mind.