Some of the most memorable pieces of modern furniture to emerge from the 20th century were designed by Finnish designer Eero Aarnio.  When one thinks of the space-age styles and ideas of the 1950s and 60s, Aarnio’s “Ball” and “Bubble” chairs immediately come to mind.  Their round, pod-like structure and use of new and unfamiliar materials lend the Bubble and Ball chairs a very futuristic feel that is delightful for the modern furniture enthusiast.

Innovative for their use of both fiberglass and plastic, as well as a nearly completely spherical shape that was new in modern furniture designs, the Bubble and Ball chairs were not only popular with the public but frequently used on the sets of television shows and films because of their futuristic look.  Aarnio’s Ball chairs consisted of a hollow sphere of plastic or fiberglass with one side open for someone to sit in.  The Ball chair, which was designed in 1963, was often made of white fiberglass and stood on a matching stand with a round base with padded interior walls and a matching seat.  The hanging version of the chair, called the Bubble chair was designed by Aarnio in 1968 and featured the innovative use of a clear acrylic sphere with a steel frame around the opening.  Unlike the stand version of the chair, the hanging version did not have padded interior walls, but did feature padded back and seat cushions and was suspended by a long chain from the ceiling.  In spite of the clear walls, the Bubble chair provides a closed-off, more private space from the rest of the room, enclosing anyone seated within it in a sphere of relative silence and welcomed solitude. 

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