This last weekend I was visiting my niece in Orange County, California.  I had an extra 45 minutes to kill so my party and I stopped in at the Goodwill.  I was amazed at all the nice things they had.  Finding great items depends on when and where you go, it is a gamble, but the chance to find something that you want or need is what makes bargain shopping fun. 


Budgeting is tough.  With so many products needed for convenience sake and daily living, smart people find ways to save money while at the same time reserving their big dollars for bigger ticket items such as furniture.  I recently saved on a metal frame I purchased for my nephew’s queen bed.  The Salvation Army had them for only $ 15.  Bed frames retail at between $ 60 and $120.  Why spend a huge amount of money on an item like that when no one is going to see it?  I have found perfectly nice pairs of jeans for only 3 bucks and a Gucci purse for 5.99. 


Saving on the little minor things that you know add up quick can leave room in your budget for something you will really enjoy.  As an example, for me, I would invest in the Stella Queen or even King size bed with faux leather and crystals embedded within the headboard, or the set for that matter because I deserve it.  Likewise, you deserve to surround yourself with nice things as well.  If you’re smart and strategic you can afford the bigger ticket luxury items.   This is why it pays to shop at thrift stores and even yard sales.

Stella Crystal Tufted Bed-Queen Stella Crystal Tufted Floor Mirror Stella Crystal Tufted Modern Bench The Stella Set is sold separately and available in black or white.