Personalizing your office space can prove beneficial in easing your stress at work. While you don’t want to be audacious, you do want to personalize your work area with sentimental things or items that bring a smile to your face. Consider personalizing a few office supplies such as your stapler, rulers, organization tools, calendar, pictures, mantra’s or sayings that you believe strongly about. You can also personalize your space with a plant or two. Maybe you can bring in a small bulletin board and place it in your workspace to remind you of what is important to you. Your pictures will also help remind you of why you are working in the first place, to provide for yourself and your family. Be observant on how others are decorating their areas and this will give you a hint as to what is allowed. You definitely don’t want to include anything that may seem too out of the ordinary. A desk lamp and mirror are not too extraordinary. In all these items you can coordinate with a certain them or color scheme too. As a reminder you don’t need to make all these changes to your space all at once. Just think as you go about your regular shopping to keep your office and work area in mind too. Personalizing is all about bringing in things that are sentimental and make you smile. The time to get something is when something special catches your eye and you love it, not to go out and shopping for items to place in your office that doesn’t bring any personal meaning to you. Think about it, most likely you collected your favorite pieces in your home over time; likewise, the same should be true for the office. Just be mindful as you shop for your home not to neglect your workspace. Start small and add little things here and there as you go about your normal life. The trick is to add things that are meaningful to you. Small items or office supplies that are cute, make you laugh, or even smile a bit is what you want to go for.