After a surviving a long dull and drab winter Mother Nature rewards us with the warm colors of springtime, the fresh, bright colors of summer and then the rich, deep colors of fall.  Nature is the original master of color and all the beauty that comes with it.  Color can have a unique effect of our daily lives and how we feel.  I love wearing the color red to make me feel extra energized and when I want to get noticed. How does color effect you? Let’s explore some of the reasons why we react the way we do to certain colors.

Color is what drives us, whether it’s fashion, furniture or a shiny new red sports car. Color says a lot about who we are and where we come from. It is very subjective and deeply personal.  Culture and personal experience determine how we react to certain colors. White for example is a symbol of purity (like a beautiful white wedding dress) in Western culture but signifies mourning in Eastern countries. Used as a communication tool, color can signal action. Red is typically used as a color for emergencies or to stop traffic, as green is used to make people go. It is also very subjective in influencing a person’s mood or stimulating an emotional and physiological reaction. Warm colors such as red, yellow and orange tend to excite while the cool blues, greens and purples help us to relax. Blue is shown to make people more productive and studies have shown weightlifters are able lift more weight in a gym painted blue! People who are appearing on TV shows often wait in a “green room” to help relax them.  Green is a very popular color in decorating because it’s easy on the eyes. While yellow can be cheerful and optimistic, too much is said to cause babies to cry and people to lose their temper. Yellow is also shown to increase hunger which makes sense why it’s McDonald’s brand color. Purple and blue are the least appetizing colors for food because they are seldom found in nature and seem artificial.  The colors we surround ourselves in needs to be unique to our own comfort levels because color can affect us in some surprising ways!

While most experts agree one shouldn’t put too much faith in these color theories, it is fun to test them out once in a while.  Maybe I will paint my kid’s rooms blue, they could use a little motivation to be more productive! What is your favorite color and why? Remember to keep it EZ! Truly, Kristin M