Are you looking for a bright and cheerful accent chair to add a little spark to your home, office or dining room?  Then EZ Mod Furniture has just the thing for you:  the Fiore Accent Chair.  These playful and vibrant modern classic chairs will add a splash of fun to any room. 

With the straight lines you would expect from modern classic furniture design, the Fiore chair has very few curves or frilly decoration.  The backrest of the chair is a seemingly plain square set at a right angle to a matching seat.  For added support, the sides of the backrest extend a few inches and curve downward to meet the seat.  The chair’s legs are made of clear acrylic, giving the chair the ghost-like look of floating in the air above the floor.  So as to not mark up your floor, the chair’s legs are also non-marking.  The chair is sturdy, with a wooden frame covered by plush high-density polyurethane foam padding.  While the form of the chair sounds simple, what gives this modern classic furniture piece its sunny personality is the fabric that covers it.  The circles fabric is covered in concentric circles in various shades of pink, red, yellow, green and purple against a backdrop of white.  The Fiore floral accent chair features a vibrant floral pattern with two shades of green, red, yellow, purple, black and white and is sure to make an impression.  If you are not particularly looking for a bright and sunny addition to your modern classic furniture-filled home or office, the Fiore accent chair is also available in black faux leather to help you pull together any room. 

EZ Mod Furniture strives to bring high quality modern classic furniture to your home or office at prices that will not bust your budget.  The Fiore accent chairs sell for $199 for the fabric covered versions and just $209 for the faux leather version at EZ Mod.  Other modern furniture retailers, however, list their versions of the Fiore accent chair at $354 or more.  EZ Mod Furniture works hard to not only offer you the lowest prices on modern classic furniture, but saves you even more money in shipping costs by offering free shipping on any order within the continental United States.  The choice is clear:  for quality and great prices on modern classic furniture, EZ Mod Furniture is the place to go.