This blogger has a confession to get off her chest-I believe I am officially obsessed with Pinterest.  There are so many nifty ideas and great do it yourself projects that I would not in a million years ever think of….like EVER.  Lately, I have been spending my evenings searching through the thousands of Pins to save on my board, For Our Little Home.  And, little it is!  Any DIY things I can do to keep my home more organized, the better!  Here are a few great (and smart) ideas I have come across that you can do in your home too!


  1. Maximize Your “Magnetic” Walls

A great way to hang small cooking utensils, salt and pepper shakers or just create a hanging seasoning rack is right on the fridge.  All you have to do is find a few small, inexpensive baskets (I would suggest plastic, but you can try mesh).  Even from the dollar store would be efficient.  Take two to three magnets and on one side of the basket, hot glue them to it.  Let the hot glue dry for a few hours and there you have it!  Your very own hanging seasoning rack.


  1. Storing Your Clothing More Efficiently

Even though I am part of the marketing/blogging team here at EZmod Furniture, by night I am a full blown fashionista!  But, with this title also comes with a cluttered closet!  So, in order to keep my wardrobe organized and looking great, here is an excellent tip that I will be trying.  AND it will not cost you a dime!  It is all in the folding technique in your dresser.  Simply, fold a blouse or T-shirt in half, fold in the sleeves, fold it down so it is half and fold it over once more.  Well that does not seem too impressive, right? Well, the trick it how you place it in your dresser.  Instead of the standard “flat” way, stack the folded shirts and blouses right-side up-like you are stacking dominos. Aha!


  1. Stick a Shelf Above the Door

I must admit, I have been going shelf crazy since I recently inserted a few floating shelves in my bedroom.  But now I have been wondering, “Where else can I have a shelf?”  The answer is practically anywhere.  Do you have a tiny bathroom?  Find the wood along the wall of your door (usually on each end of the threshold), hammer or drill in a few screws to hold the anchors, drill in two more screws into the wood for security and there you have it. Extra storage for towels, toiletries, etc. 


  1. Create a Rope Shelf

Looking for an easier shelf?  A rope shelf may be a better fit.  All you need is a length of wood, rope, a drill and two large hook screws.  Paint it to your liking and let it dry.  Next, drill two holes in the wall for the hook screws to go through and your piece of wood.  Cut your rope symmetrically (a thicker rope would be sufficient) and put one end through the hole of the wood.  Tie the other two ends into a knot and hang them over the two screws.  The great thing about these kind of shelves is you can easily adjust the height or level of it with ease by adjusting the two top knots.