The way a room is laid out can have a huge impact on not only how aesthetically-pleasing it is but on how comfortable it is to be in too! Creating a balance between furniture, accents and the flow of traffic can leave you with a harmonious room.

  • Control the Flow – People and pets need to be able to find their way through the room without obstacles or tight, undesirable squeezes. Keeping seating where it won’t interfere with doors and electrical outlets is crucial. Also, take into consideration recliners that may become fully extended or leafs that might be added to tables.
  • Have a Focal Point – Every room needs a focal point. In homes with a fireplace, the mantle usually takes over, a contemporary bedroom has a platform bed, etc. The eyes can become lost and exhausted if left to travel aimlessly throughout a room and never reach a focal point. Wall fountains, art, biofuel fireplaces or even large aquariums all work well.
  • Scale – The furnishings need to be reflective of the size of the room. You simply cannot have over-sized furniture in a small space. Choose clean lines and create balance to make the room appear larger.

If you feel a little lost in your room or something is just not quite right, you may just need to rearrange a few things. When the layout of your room is perfect, you will know right away. Sometimes it helps to leave, go get a coffee and then see how you feel stepping back into the room for the first time to determine what is throwing the space off balance.