21. Temptalia

Based on it’s mission statement that “Every person deserves to feel beautiful,” Temptalia is a makeup and cosmetics blog that believes that with the proper foundation, anyone can. Founded in 2006 by Christine Mielke, it features makeup recommendations, how-to tutorials and product reviews meant to help the average woman make sense of the limitless shades of bronzer. Popular Posts Include:

22. Nice Kicks

In a class all its own, Nice Kicks is the premier sneakerhead blog. Founded by Matt Halfhill in 2006 to serve as the go to resource for the latest and greatest news on kicks (i.e. sneakers), Nice Kicks features daily postings on the newest kicks as well as information on who’s rocking (i.e. wearing) them. Nuff said. Popular Posts Include:

23. This Is Glamorous

Founded by Roseline Lohr, This Is Glamorous is a blog about inspirational design in all its forms, including fashion, interiors, photography and art. Self-described as “adventures in love and the daily search of beautiful things,” This Is Glamorous is life as seen through the perspective of an incurable romantic with impeccable style.  With it’s How To’s and inspiration boards, This Is Glamorous is a daily place of inspiration for thousands of visitors across the world. Popular Posts Include:

24. The Impossible Cool

The Impossible Cool is an archive of all of the impossibly cool style mavens that have come and gone. Featuring such icons as Katherine Hepburn, Jon Hamm, Christopher Walken and even Martin Luther King, Jr., The Impossible Cool is short on words and long on classic photography. Cool really can’t be described, so why try? Popular Posts Include:

25. the style rookie

Although numerically last on the list of Top 25, this one, a style blog for teenage girls, takes the cake. Written by 16-year old Tavi Gevinson, The Style Rookie was started in 2008 (when Gevinson was 11!) as a creative outlet. An archive of the “things I like,” this blog is likely the most prosaic of any on the list. Originally featuring outfits sourced from local thrift stores, The Style Rookie has attained such a large following that fashion brands ensure Gevinson no longer has to to dig through unorganized thrift store racks (but she still does!). Popular Posts Include: