Perhaps the best way to ad a splash of style and interest to your home or office is not simply through adding a few brightly colored accessories.  Color does, indeed, catch people’s attention, but so does innovation and novelty.  If you are looking for something fun, original and unique, take a look at EZ Mod Furniture’s series of Ghost Chairs.  Constructed entirely of clear acrylic, these chairs are sure to make an immediate and surprising impression. 

EZ Mod Furniture is proud to offer this high-quality reproduction of modern classic furniture designer Philippe Patrick Starck.  Born in Paris in 1949, this French designer is known the world over for his sleek and exciting designs.  In 2002, Starck got the idea to essentially re-envision the armchairs that were popular during the reign of France’s King Louis XV.  Taking the familiar and often-copied four-legged chair with a circular back and armrests, Starck whittled the chair’s form down to its most basic lines and then completely reworked it in clear polycarbonate.  The modern classic versions of Starck’s original design are made with acrylic at EZ Mod Furniture.  While the form of the chair is still quite familiar, the ghostly clear material is both stunning and playful.  The chair’s very lack of color, combined with its simplicity of line and form, make this an easy chair to add to any room with any color scheme.  EZ Mod Furniture also carries a version of the Ghost chair without arms, making it suitable for dining rooms as well as living rooms or office spaces.  And, if clear furniture is just a little bit too foreign of a concept for your particular taste, EZ Mod also offers this modern classic furniture icon in black acrylic as well.  All versions of the Ghost chair are stackable, easy to clean and suitable for outdoor use in addition to indoor use. 

Aside from having some of the best modern classic furniture designs available, EZ Mod Furniture makes it possible for you to bring them home for hundreds of dollars less than other modern furniture stores.  The Ghost chair, for example, would cost over $400 at other furniture retailers, but EZ Mod Furniture carries it for a more budget-friendly $165, and even offers a discount on each chair when you purchase four or more.  EZ Mod Furniture saves you even more money by offering free shipping on all orders within the continental United States.  For the best prices on modern classic furniture, visit EZ Mod today. 

Ghost Chair