Having guests over can become quite the conundrum for many people.  Finding extras places to sit, eat or even sleep can pose a problem if you have a small space or are new to hosting.  EZ Mod Furniture, however, makes having people over a breeze with several modern classic furniture designs that offer style, comfort and multi-functionality. 

If you are hosting small cocktail party and are searching for some simple yet stylish modern classic furniture to provide seating for your guests, consider EZ Mod Furniture’s acrylic magazine rack end tables.  Available in either clear or black acrylic, these sturdy end tables provide small pockets on two sides to store magazines and smaller books, making a simple and practical addition to your modern classic furniture-filled living room.  When you have company over, however, they are sturdy enough to be used as stools for extra seating.  If you have a backyard or balcony space, these stools are suitable for outdoor use as well.  When not in use as stools, these handy end tables are also ideal places to display plants or artwork as they easily wipe clean.  And while many modern furniture stores would sell these same acrylic end tables for nearly $200, EZ Mod Furniture offers them for just $110.

If you have friends or family coming to visit from out of town, finding a place for them to sleep might pose a problem, but EZ Mod Furniture has several attractive modern classic furniture pieces to fit your needs and your budget.  Our Stella convertible fabric chairs fold out to provide a comfortable place to sleep.  Available in red or cream twill fabric, these modern classic chairs are filled with polyurethane foam and sit on top of a solid steel frame for both comfort and durability.  The seat back on the Stella chairs has three adjustable settings making this a potential bed, chaise lounge or simple chair.  Available at EZ Mod Furniture for just $460 each, these chairs are nearly half the $802 price that most other furniture stores would charge.  If you need a space for more than one person to sleep on, consider EZ Mod’s Artie Microfiber Convertible Sofa.  The back of this three-seat sofa folds down to form a flat bed big enough for two people to sleep on.  EZ Mod Furniture carries this stylish, multi-functional modern classic furniture must-have for just $535.

At EZ Mod Furniture, we want to make sure you have the furniture you need in the stylish, modern classic furniture designs you want, at a price you can afford.  We save you even more money by offering free shipping on any order within the continental United States.  If you are looking for great modern classic furniture for your home or office, visit our website today to find quality furniture at unbeatable prices.