Sometimes it is the smallest details in your home or office that really pull a modern look together. Seemingly inconsequential items such as a coat rack, mirror or lamp can absolutely be as attention-getting as a sleek, modern classic sofa or coffee table. At EZ Mod Furniture, we know that little things can make a big difference in giving your modern classic home or office a splash of whimsy, dash of sophistication, or sprinkling of style. If you need a creative and fun place to hang up your coat or hat when you get home, consider EZ Mod Furniture’s “Hang-It-All” coat rack. Designed by modern furniture designer George Nelson in 1953, this lively coat rack is wall-mountable and will add a bright pop of color to any room. Constructed of a white metal frame with several wooden balls in a variety of happy colors, this fun coat rack provides a great place to hang coats, hats, scarves or bags. And while many modern furniture retailers would sell this popular coat rack for as much as $199, EZ Mod carries it for a much more budget-friendly $59. Mirrors can be an interesting focal point for any room in your home or office. But why get a boring, traditional mirror with a carved wooden frame when you can have something totally modern and fun? EZ Mod Furniture carries a truly creative and unusual series of mirrors shaped like puzzle pieces. Available in green, pink, silver, black and blue molded plastic frames, these puzzle piece-shaped mirrors can be hung vertically or horizontally. While interesting enough on their own, they are also interlocking and can be put together in several combinations of colors and orientations to create a functional piece of art on your wall. Each 19” by 14” mirror is just $39 at EZ Mod Furniture. Good lighting is an important but often overlooked aspect of a modern classic home’s décor. The right lamp does not just provide good, even light, but adds flair and interest to your room. EZ Mod Furniture’s Arco lamps are iconic of sleek, modern classic furniture design in addition to being attractive and functional. Anchored by a large black or white marble base, these lamps form a tall and long arc to position a stainless steel lampshade directly over a work surface or seating arrangement, giving the effect of a hanging lamp without the trouble of mounting it to the ceiling or wall. If you are looking for a few modern classic touches to add to your home or office, visit EZ Mod Furniture’s website today for the best prices on high-quality modern classic furniture and home accessories.