In every home there needs to be an office-like area to help with all the mundane tasks like bill paying, mail sorting, homework and computer use. For some people a home office is more of an actual office with a work from home purpose. In any case finding the right place and design for this area can be an important component to the actual amount of work that gets done there. Here are a few tips to make your home office a productive yet inviting place to be.

A place to house your home office can be anywhere in your home from basement to attic and all rooms in between (except for the bathroom, of course). The place you choose will depend on your space available and your needs. If you only need an area for bill paying and mail sorting then a hallway or small entryway could be enough to fit a small desk, task light and chair.  If you have a home business then you may need a whole room complete with guest seating and storage. Once you determine your space needs you can choose an area that is both private and quiet, like an attic space or guest room or a noisy and busy area, like a kitchen or living room. It depends on your working style, do you need a serene, undisturbed space to be productive or does noisy activity inspire you?

Next less assess your storage needs. A home business that has a lot of paperwork would be best off with file cabinets, shelving and drawers while a smaller area for day to day papers could use decorative storage baskets or vertical files for its minimal paper trail. Take these needs into consideration when purchasing your new desk. Do you need a desk with drawers or can you get away with just a small table? Don’t scrimp on your chair comfort if you are going to be sitting for extended period of time. The style of your office furniture should complement your existing home furniture if it is going to be used in the same space. When placing your furniture try to consider the view from the desk and make it an inspiring one. If you can face a window or a beautiful piece of artwork as it will help to make your work day less monotonous.

Sometimes all it takes to go from drab to fab is a motivating paint color for the walls in your office. Find out which color makes you the most productive and go with it. Some people prefer bright energetic colors like reds and oranges while others can focus better with cool blues and calm greens. Adding some homey touches like pictures of your kids or pets, fabric covered baskets or bulletin boards, fresh flowers and colorful desk accessories can help to boost your mood when faced with tiresome work at home tasks.

I have found a few of my favorite office furniture pieces here at Ezmod Furniture. Follow these tips and soon you will be happily working in your home sweet office. Remember to keep it EZ! Truly, Kristin