One of the defining characteristics of modern classic furniture design is dual functionality and space consumption. Many modern classic furniture designs were created with space limitations in mind and as a way to save money as well. These limitations allowed designers to become more efficient and creative with their pieces and these influences can still be seen in homes and offices throughout the world.

A perfect example of this convergence of space and function is the sofa bed. The sofa bed was created as a way to save space and money by combining a fairly simple sofa design with a pull out bed that, together, could be used during the day and at night. The sofa bed made it possible for consumers to save space and money by having two pieces of modern classic furniture in one.

The Klaus Microfiber Convertible Sofa Bed took this idea a step further by cleverly combining these two furniture pieces into one visually appealing and comfortable piece. This sofa bed features a concealed futon underneath the sofa piece that is easily pulled out by wheels attached to the bottom and is interlocked with the couch to transform into a bed when needed. This is not a typical sofa bed that features a foldable mattress; the Klaus Sofa Bed offers added comfort by way of microfiber upholstered foam cushioning instead of a typical sofa bed mattress that is often times thin and rigid and uses uncomfortable springs.

Ezmod Furniture offers the Klaus Microfiber Convertible Sofa Bed and Futon at an incredible price that is below the list price and much lower than our competitors. This furniture piece is perfect for those that seek to save both money and space by combining two furniture pieces into one. In addition to the functionality of this piece, there is always the enjoyment factor that this comfortable sofa bed offers. The soft, high density polyurethane foam cushioning combined with microfiber upholstery ensures the highest comfort level that any sofa bed can provide.

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