10. Hel Looks

Created by Liisa Jokinen and Sampo Karjalainen, Hel Looks is a street style blog from Helsinki, Finland. Started in 2005, each post features a photo of a single model alongside his or her name and age as well as a brief description of the outfit. More so an impartial chronicle of Helsinki street style than an opinionated blog on what to wear, Hel Looks’ simple layout and format is reflected in the styles it reflects. Popular Posts Include:

11. Nerd Boyfriend

Roxana Altamirano loves nerds. And not just any nerds. She loves nerdy male celebrities. From Richard Dreyfuss, to Andy Griffith, to Michael Douglas and countless others, Ms. Altamirano posts a still of the actor in a movie scene or on the set of a movie and then features a list of the items one would need to recreate the look. If you’ve always wanted to dress up like Samuel L. Jackson in Do The Right Thing but could never quite find the right Hawaiian shirt, then this is the blog for you. Popular Posts Include:

12. Advanced Style

Let there be no confusion. The “Advanced” in “Advanced Style” does not reference one’s position on the style totem pole. “Advanced Style’s” euphemistic title is actually meant to refer to the style of people of advanced age (i.e. the elderly). Rather lovingly photographed and described by Ari Seth Cohen, Advanced Style captures both the styles and perspectives of our elders, providing further proof that there’s always something we could learn from our elders. Popular Posts Include:

13. She Finds

Is work getting in the way of your shopping habit? Think of SheFinds as the personal shopping concierge for the busy professional woman. SheFinds researches new trends and presents them in shopping guides so the time-starved can focus on what’s important, but look good doing it. Not only does SheFinds tell you what to wear, they tell you where to get it. Just don’t forget to put it on one leg at a time. A blog can’t help you with that. Popular Posts Include:

14. Ann Street Studio

Although now going by a much less emotive name, Ann Street Studio began in 2009 as “From Me To You.” The blog of Jamie Beck and husband and partner Kevin Burg, From Me To You combines it’s authors’ childhood interests of photography and playing dress up. What separates this blog from others, besides the amazing still photography, are the photos that are not so still. Named “Cinemagraphs” by its originators, it was best described by supermodel Coco Rocha as “More than a photo but not quite a video.” Popular Posts Include: