Leather has long been known as a luxurious material throughout the world, it has been used for centuries in everything from clothing to furniture. Leather is durable and flexible; it lends itself well to a wide array of uses including comfort and style.

Leather furniture, in particular, leather sofas and chairs, add a dash of luxury to any room or office. Modern classic furniture takes classic designs and updates them for a contemporary characteristic that makes any room vibrant and up-to-date.

Ezmod Furniture manufactures pristine modern classic furniture that caters to any taste, be it classic or modern. Our leather sofas and chairs are without a doubt one of the most durable and comfortable in the market. While borrowing from the past, we look toward the future in all of our designs, including our wide variety of leather sofas and chairs.
For example, our White LeCorbusier Petite Sofa and Chair utilize a design from 1929 and add a modern twist that is sure to please any visitors to your home or office. The white leather is vibrant and the steel frame gives them both a sturdy and futuristic look. The sofa and chair are also available in durable black leather.

Our Microfiber and Tan Sectionals are also modern pieces of furniture based on vintage designs. Both of these options, which include a leather base, offer extreme comfort and sophistication. These sectionals also offer flexibility and customization as individual sections are movable and can be placed in different layouts. The Microfiber Sectional features cozy microfiber cushions and a robust leather base that compliments the rich brown tone of the cushions.

The Modern Leather Sofa & Ottoman Set that we offer is made of top-grain leather and features chrome feet that add a fresh look to any room. Top grain leather is exceptionally durable and offers significant stain resistance; it is useful in situations where messes are bound to occur. Our Modern Leather Sofa & Ottoman Set is innovative and can turn any room or office from bland to distinctive with its smoothed edges, microfiber stripped pillows and chrome details.

Leather is an age old material that has been utilized throughout history for many reasons; it is enduring and prominent within any room layout. Modern classic furniture designs that use innovations lend themselves well to the use of leather which adds to the cutting edge quality of contemporary design.

Ezmod Furniture understands the power of modern classic furniture and utilizes the finest leather in order to bring you functionality, relaxation and style. Be sure to check out our exquisite leather furniture offerings at ezmodfurniture.com.