The Mid-Century modern style craze has been increasingly gaining popularity again as the baby boomers are now hitting retirement and selling off households of furniture and downsizing to smaller homes and condos. This combined with the world of entertainment featuring the mid-century modern style on TV shows like Mad Men and movies like Pixar’s The Incredibles. This makes for a great opportunity for the next generation of hipsters to jump on the stylistic bandwagon and create their own buzz in the modern furniture world.

The mid-century modern design period spans from 1933-1965 and because the pieces are so timeless we sometimes forget how long ago this period began. This MCM movement came from the Americanized styling of designers like Frank Lloyd Wright who’s organic and less formal designs were inspired by the works of Gropius, Le Corbusier and Mies Van der Rohe of the International and Bauhaus movements going on in Europe at the time. Influences from other parts of the world like the clean and simple designs from Scandinavia and Brazil were being strongly felt in American furniture design at that time. The US was just coming out of World War II and people felt optimistic in spite of a poor economy. With tough times comes a need for innovation. Having limited assets financially and restricted access to raw materials designers were forced to come up with simple and more organic designs. These iconic pieces that came from this time were the catalyst for what is trending now in the world of furniture. The saying “history repeats itself” couldn’t be more true in the way that the recent economic recession has influenced a return to a simpler way of life. In turbulent times we often return to a period in our past that we felt stability and security. The furniture of our childhood can bring a feeling of nostalgia that can be good for the soul. So go ahead and buy that new sofa that reminds you of one you had as a child. Another reason we look to a “less is more” mantra can be from the constant barrage of technology and whirlwind of activity in our daily lives. With our home and furnishings we can create a simple and soothing oasis to escape an otherwise hectic day.

We here at Ezmod Furniture are lucky enough to work with some of the most influential furniture pieces of this Mid-Century modern era. By offering you high quality, designer influenced furniture at low everyday pricing we are making great design available to everyone. The Tulip Table and Chair Set is inspired by the original tulip pedestal table and chairs designed by Eero Saarinen. The Tribeca Coffee Table is a quality reproduction manufactured to almost the exact same specifications as the original Noguchi table. Isamu Noguchi designed the Noguchi Table for the Museum of Modern Art in New York celebrating the marriage between form and function; and it offers its owner a structure that is both a sculptural and functional. The Nelson Bench is one of the great symbols of mid-century-modernism. For George Nelson, the design director for Herman Miller, utility was as important as beauty. This multi-use bench is proof of that. If you want to see more of Ezmod’s collection of modern classics just go to our website. It’s that EZ!

Truly, Kristin M.