Few modern furniture designers have earned the fame and recognition of Marcel Breuer.  His experiments with modular construction and furniture reduced to its basic elements provided the foundation for generations of later modern classic furniture designers.  Born in Hungary in 1902, Breuer both studied and taught fine arts, manufacturing and even industrial design at the prestigious Bauhaus school in Germany throughout the 1920s. 

Perhaps the most famous of Breuer’s modern furniture designs is the “Wassily” chair.  First designed in 1925, this unique chair is constructed of a tubular steel frame with essentially leather straps to provide the seat, backrest and even arm rests.  There is a misconception that the chair gets its name because Breuer designed it for famed painter Wassily Kandinsky, but it is not the actual case.  Kandinsky saw some early prototypes of the chair and so admired them that Breuer made a copy for Kandinsky to keep.  When the chair was reproduced in the 1960s by an Italian furniture manufacturer, the name “Wassily” was given to the chair and it stuck.  German-Austrian furniture manufacturer Thonet was actually the first company to manufacture Breuer’s ground-breaking modern design.  The original versions of the Wassily chair actually included fabric straps in place of the leather that is more popular today. 

The simple materials and refined form of Breuer’s Wassily chair made it an obvious choice for mass production.  Up until the 1920s most, if not all, furniture for a home or office was carved and constructed by the hand of a skilled craftsman.  Mass production technology in the 1920s was made popular and refined by auto manufacturers such as the Ford Motor Company.  Technological advances such as the seamless steel tube made Breuer’s Wassily possible as constructing the same chair with seams in the tubing would have given the chair several weak spots and made it much less sturdy. 

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