Since it is award season, we are taking a look at all of the great midcentury modern furniture found in films and TV shows.  The glamourous (and not so glamourous) movies that tell us stories about life, love and humor require so many behind the scenes people and props to make it come each movie come to life.  It is no different with TV sets and the genius set designers that really make its audience forget about their own surroundings for a while.  This week, we continue to focus on the films and TV shows that have made Midcentury modern part of their journey.

 3. Mad Men

The fictional Sterling Cooper Advertisement Agency takes place in the 1960’s in New York City.  And can I just say that beyond all of the juicy drama this show offers, there is no other show you can find on TV that compares to the set designs Mad Men delivers! The office of Ron Sterling for example is midcentury modern heaven.  From the Fiberglass Tulip Table to the wall décor, it is a modern furniture lover’s dream come true.  It is simple, sleek and perfect for the fast track of the advertisement world. 

 Roger Sterling's office in Mad Men

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4. Carnal Knowledge

Definitely an oldie but goodie.  This 1971 film takes place in the 1940’s when sweet guy Sandy (Art Garfunkel) and sly schemer Johnathan (Jack Nicholson) befriend each other as roommates in college.  Sandy finds a nice girl Susan (Candice Bergen) whom he eventually gets married to (unknowing that Susan had cheated on him with Johnathan).  Years later, with their marriage running dry, Susan tries to mimic Johnathan’s promiscuous womanizing tactics while misogynistic Johnathan tries the monogamous route with the emotionally needy Bobbie (Ann Margaret).

 Jack Nicholson sits in a Poul M Volther Corona chair on the set of Carnal Knowledge

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As scandalous as this whole story line may seem, check out the gorgeous Poul M. Volther Corona chair they used on set.  Jack Nicholson (who is such an astounding actor to this day) looks the part in this black colored beauty.  

Corona chair

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