Summer time is movie time, and there is no better time to see how summer movies are impacting furniture trends, such as what type of modern classic furniture people are buying.  Let’s take a look at a few different summer movies and how you can find similar styles at EZmod’s website.

Iron Man 2 – This film portrays a wealthy millionaire with a serious desire to blow things up.  His home is quite chic, with leather furniture that has metal highlights populating almost every corner.  While EZmod caters to those who can’t afford to make suits of iron, they still provide top of the line modern classic furniture that is both eye catching and luxurious looking.  For example, EZmod has a wonderful lounge chair called LeCorbusier Chaise that is simply exquisite.  You may not have a million dollars, but with EZmod’s price, you will not need to be in order to buy this lounge chair.

The Kids Are All Right – This film about family dysfunction is a unique independent film that has hit rave reviews.  The homes used in the film are perfect examples of how to use modern classic furniture to make your house look one of a kind.  The movie takes place in Southern California and has homes that posses either a minimalist design style or a laid back sophistication.  EZmod has many pieces of modern classic furniture that fit that bill perfectly.  For example, the Tribeca Coffee Table is not only full of earth toned colors, but it is a shining example of how even a coffee table can give someone’s home or office real vibrancy.  While modeled on the Noguchi Table, the Tribeca Coffee Table is perfect for anyone looking for that laid back, sophisticated design aesthetic.

Toy Story 3 – Nothing says summer movies quite like one of Pixar’s works of art.  Toy Story 3 is colorful, funny, poignant and a shining example of how wonderful a child’s movie can be.  If you are looking for modern classic furniture that is colorful, exuberant and yet stylish, look no further than the Kid Panton Style S Chair.  The original version of the chair was designed by Verner Panton, a 20th century designer, who is considered one of Denmark’s most influential 20th century furniture and interior designers.  The chair comes in red and black and is made of strong, durable ABS plastic.

Overall, summer movies can be a great way to get ideas on how to design your home.  The modern classic furniture at Ezmod can help you make your home look like the latest Hollywood blockbuster film.  Come check out our extensive collection of unique, cutting edge furniture.