Sofas should be comfortable, but there is no need for them to be unstylish or uninteresting.  While living room furniture must be functional and practical, it can also be exciting and unconventional while providing you and your family a comfortable place to sit.  If you have been looking for a new sofa but are tired of seeing floral upholstery and the same old designs, come to EZ Mod Furniture to find a sofa to invigorate your living room.  Our modern classic furniture designs are not only creative and stylish, but functional, making your home an exciting yet practical place to live in.

If you want a sofa that seats several people at once without the boring three-seat and two-seat combinations you will find in every other furniture store, consider EZ Mod’s Lucas 3 piece sofa sectional and coffee table combination.  This modern classic sofa’s circular design makes this the perfect sofa for a corner of your living room, without the boxy feel of most corner group sofas.  One end of the Lucas sofa is a chaise lounge that creates a relaxing place to read or watch television, while the other end features a solid arm to lean up against.  The sofa is made of sturdy hardwood base frame and stainless steel legs give this sofa a thoroughly modern look.  The cushions of the Lucas sofa feature two-toned microfiber that is sure to match nearly any color scheme.  The sofa comes with a coordinating circular coffee table that is constructed of a dark wood table top and metal base. 

Not only does EZ Mod Furniture offer exciting modern furniture designs and modern classic reproductions, they also pride themselves on providing quality products at affordable prices.  The Lucas three-piece sofa with coordinating coffee table would retail for as much as $3,398 at other furniture stores.  EZ Mod, however, features the Lucas set for just $1,999.  That’s a savings of nearly $1,400.  With that kind of extra cash, you can purchase a brand new television and entertainment console to complete your new living room filled with modern classic furniture.  If you are looking for affordable modern classic furniture to spruce up your home or office, come to EZ Mod Furniture today.  Our selection of modern classic furniture and iconic modern furniture reproductions has quality and prices that cannot be beat.