For several years, Americans were obsessed with larger homes.  If you travel to just about any newer suburban housing tract, you will likely find vaulted ceilings, three-car garages and several thousand square feet of living space.  In the last year or two, however, the pendulum has begun to swing back in the other direction with homebuyers beginning to prefer smaller, more efficient urban homes that are just steps away from shopping, entertainment and community.  While the smaller urban homes can be more environmentally friendly and closer to all of the most important things in your life, they are not without their challenges, namely limited space.  As a result, designers have started designing furniture with simple, clean lines and multi-functionality to help urban home dwellers maximize their space and keep their homes looking uncluttered and stylish.  If you are in the process of furnishing a smaller space, then EZ Mod Furniture has exactly the modern furniture solutions you need.

EZ Mod furniture has several items that not only have multiple uses, but feature the dynamic, clean lines and colors so characteristic of modern furniture designs.  If you are looking for a comfortable bed but are short on space, consider EZ Mod’s Artie microfiber futon where the backrest lays flat to form a bed.  This beige-colored sofa is a budget-friendly $535.  If you need extra storage space in your living room, consider our magazine rack coffee tables and end tables.  Made of either clear or black acrylic, these tables have a simple flat top with folded over ends that provide a perfectly-sized space to store magazines or other reading materials.  Both the coffee tables and end tables are suitable for outdoor use as well and indoor, and the end tables have the added bonus of being sturdy enough to double as stools when you have guests over.  If you have a small dining area that you don’t want to be limited in style, EZ Mod has several modern furniture designs for you to choose from.  If the only dining space you have is a counter-height bar, EZ Mod’s Omicron barstools are just the ticket.  These round barstools come in either black or white vinyl with a shiny steel finish and feature a curved, padded back rest for comfort and support.  Omicron barstools are sold in sets of two for just $220.  If you have a little more room for a dining table and chairs, EZ Mod’s Verner Panton-inspired “S” chairs are stylish, stackable and come in either red white or black to suit your color scheme.