Who doesn’t like to sit down to a good meal in a sleek, modern dining room?  While a comfortable dining room requires only a table and sturdy chairs, dining room furniture styles can vary widely.  The look of modern furniture, especially dining room furniture, can really add to your dining experience.  While many people stick with traditional wooden tables and chairs, modern furniture designs offer some innovations that are both sophisticated and exciting and EZ Mod Furniture has a large variety of all the best modern furniture designs.

In the middle of the 20th century, modern furniture designers began experimenting with new materials for dining room furniture with spectacular results.  Technological advancements in plastic, metal and even plywood made all sorts of designs possible that would have been impossible with standard wood and older furniture design techniques.  Finnish American designer and architect Eero Saarinen’s experiments with molded plastic produced the iconic “Tulip” chair and its matching fiberglass dinner table.  Composed of a curved, almost egg-like black or white plastic shell, the seat of the Tulip chair comes either with arms or without and sits atop a sturdy aluminum base that looks much like the stem of a flower.  EZ Mod Furniture offers these beautiful chairs in either black or white, and with removable round red or black seat cushions for a comfortable place to sit in during those long after-dinner chats over a glass of wine or cup of coffee.  The rather “Space Age” look of the Tulip chairs even earned them spots on some of television’s most popular shows about space travel in the 1960s.  The matching round, white table has a nearly identical, stem-like base, is 29 inches high and comes in diameters of either 35 or 47 inches to fit both larger and smaller dining rooms.  

If the Space Age look isn’t quite right, but you still love modern furniture, consider EZ Mod Furniture’s Bertoia-style wire mesh chairs.  Metal is a bit of an unusual material for dining room furniture, but Harry Bertoia, an Italian American artist, jewelry maker and modern furniture designer, transforms industrial steel wire into a large, sturdy and comfortable place to sit.  Contoured to fit the human body, this chair also features a leatherette-padded foam cushion in black, white or red and is sure to match any dining room’s color scheme. 

If you are looking for quality modern furniture at prices you can afford, then EZ Mod Furniture is the place to go.